Apostille Definition



The word Apostille comes from the French term meaning “certification


•  The apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature:

  • For vital records it’s the signature of the State Registrar, County Clerk, Division of Vital records etc.


  • For personal documents it’s the notaries signature whom validates the signature of the person signing the document. Including the seal and or notary stamp on the document.


•  The word Apostille is also the title given to the “certification” page issued under The Hague Convention which eliminates the need for Embassy Legalization



American Documents with the intention on being used or presented to another country first must be “Apostille” “Authenticated” or “Embassy Legalized before the other that country will accept and recognize the documents being presented.  With the Apostille it gives these documents the same legal recognition in a different country as from where it originated.


To the Countries not part of The Hague Convention there is a multiple step authentication which involves multiple authorities’ signature being validated also called “Embassy legalization“. Which consist of Secretary of State Certification, U.S Department of State Authentication and finally Embassy Legalization.  This means your document will gave to go to each office mentioned to receive a “certificate” from that office.



What does the Apostille (page) contain:

•  The State whom issure the Apostille

•  Date Apostille was issued

•  Name of the person/official who certified the document being Apostilled  (ie, notary, state registrar)

•  The seal or stamp from the issuing state.

•  Certificate number assigned to the Apostille

•  Electronic or pen in hand signature of the Secretary of State authority providing the Apostille.

What type of documents can be Apostille? 

All American documents can be Apostilled in the U.S.   From Academic Diplomas/Degrees/Transcripts, Marriage, Birth and Single Status documents.  To notarial documents like Power of Attorney or State Criminal Record.  FBI reports and more.

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