Certified Translation and Apostille

What is a “Certified Translation”?

Certified translations are documents that are translated into the target language where you will use the document in.  For example if your documents are to be used in Mexico then the documents will need to be translated into Spanish.  These certified translations are then notarized in front of a notary p


On the translation of your document into the target language of the country you will reside. The translator will make a statement at the end of the translation similar to this:


            “I am fluent in the (name of Language) and English Language and certify that I have translated the following document attached on to this certification of (name of document) and I further certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the attached document is true and accurate translation to the best of my abilities.”


Followed by the translators’ signature and contact information which is signed in front of a Notary to make this a certified translation.   Which then can be Apostille in the state of which it was notarized.


Certified translation on average cost around $35-75 per page depending on the word count.  Send us an e-mail with the document to be translated and let us know your target language. We provide free quote and consultation.


Already have a “Certified Translation” which you need Apostille? Yes, we can Apostille a notarized certificated translation.


Need help with a certified translation and Apostille?

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