Apostille for Ecuador – Retirement Visa

If your planning on retiring in Ecuador, the following  document(s) need to be Apostille  to apply for your residence visa, known as the “Cedula”:


If your planning on retiring in Ecuador, the following document are going to be needed to apply for your residence visa. They will also need to be Apostilled by the Secretary of State by their pertaining state.

These following documents will need to be Apostilled:

  1. Social Security pension Apostille by the U. S Department of State
  2. FBI Background Check – Apostille by the U. S Department of State
  3. State Background Check – Apostille by the Secretary of State
  4. If married, your marriage certificate – Apostille by the Secretary of State
  5. Translation of the documents may be needed.


It is best advised that these documents be handled before your departure to Ecuador as most of these documents require you to be in the States in order to obtain them. In the event you are already overseas or do not know how to obtain any of the above mentioned documents, send us an e-mail we may be able to help you. Oftentimes, we are able to retrieve a new certified copy of your documents if the State or County allows.


  1. Fingerprints from any authorized fingerprinting location in  Ecuador are accepted by the channelers for the FBI background check.
    1. FBI fingerprint cards can be found by clicking the following link: applicant_fd_258
    2. Print our the fingerprint card on either a hard stock paper or regular printing paper
    3. Get about 2 fingerprint cards done, (1 card is needed but 2 to be safe)
  2. All documents need to be issued within 6 months to be accepted by the Ecuadorian government.


UPDATE as of 1/2015 – The Ecuadorian Embassy no longer provide Embassy Legalization, they now strictly abide by the Apostille certification.


Cable Visa –  We can help you to process the “Pensioners Visa Via Cable”   if you would like to relocate to Ecuador with your residence visa stamped onto your passport. 

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