How to get an FBI Report (Background Check) Apostille

Most common question about FBI reports is “Where or how do I get an FBI report?” and the answer to that is, there are only two places where these FBI reports can come from:


  1. From the FBI agency themselves, a quick online search will yield the FBI website which gives you a list of everything they need. (Just as an FYI, this agency can take a few months to process your application therefore if your in a urgent need we suggest you look at #2)
  2. FBI-Approved Channelers– These are agencies that have the authority to provide you with an original FBI report (background check). Contact any of the channelers for further information.  (The average turn-around-time  is about 1-2 weeks)  Some channelers are able to e-mail the criminal reports to you, which are also accepted by the U.S Department of State for Apostille/Authentication purposes. However, make sure that printed reports are accepted in the country you will use the FBI report in.)


Note: You will be working directly with the Channeler to help you obtain your FBI report. Also when making the request make sure you state that your FBI background check will be used internationally (Foreign Visa).


Another Note: For e-mailed FBI report simply forward the e-mail from the Channeler to ( and  provide us with the 8 digit passcode and we can have the FBI report Apostille within 4 business days.



  1. Contact the  “approved channeler” and mail in your request (fingerprints can be done by any foreign authority just ensure all information is completed correctly on the FD-258 (fingerprint card).
  2. Report typically are mailed out within in about 1-2 weeks to the address you provided (Ideally a relative or friend’s address)
  3. Have your relative / friend mail us your report to:

    Elite Document Services

    1325 G. Street. N.W Suite 500

    Washington D.C 20005

    (703) 901-6773

  4. Elite Documents is able to process your FBI report Apostille at the U.S Department of State – Currently taking about 4 business.



A few of the approved channeler  recommended:



APOSTILLE RATE $85 per document.

You Choose Your Shipping:

Include your own return pre-paid envelope or 

$35 for 2-3 days via UPS /

$55 overnight via UPS 

International Shipping Via DHL  (contact us for a quote)