Kuwait Embassy Diploma Attestation


If you are already living in Kuwait and or  will relocate  to Kuwait for work or study  and require attestation of our U.S  documents, we can help you with the whole process. These U.S documents that are destined to be used in Kuwait will have to go though the Attestation process at the Kuwait Embassy here in Washington D.C or the Kuwaiti Consulate in Los Angeles.  We provide the whole authentication and attestation services for our clients making this complicated process simple.


We work with all U.S based documents:


  1. Accredited Diplomas from any U.S College or Universities  (Certified copies of diploma or the original diploma)
  2. Marriage Certificate from all 50 States (original document) Don’t have originals, just let us know – we may be able to retrieve them on your behalf. 
  3. Birth certificate from all 50 States (original document)
  4. Work reference letter(original document)
  5. FBI background Check  (original document)
  6. Commercial or Business documents  (original document)
  7. and other documents as needed by the UAE government.

The above documents will have to go though the authentication process as described below:

What we do:


We take your document though the whole authentication process which consist of:

  1. Secretary of State Certification
  2. Authentication by the U.S Department of State
  3. Kuwait Embassy Attestation.
  4. Mail your Attested document back to you.



For academic documents, The Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington D.C requires:

  1. Original Diploma (unfortunately, photo copies are not accepted by the Kuwaiti Embassy in DC.)
  2. Official sealed transcript in University envelope (Request both diploma/transcripts from your University)
  3. A copy of a Degree Verify Certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse. You can obtain it online at http://www.studentclearinghouse.org
  4. Copy of your valid passport and driver license. (Either American or foreign identification)


Kuwaiti Consulate in Los Angeles may accept photo copies of diploma and academic documents. To get notarized copies of your diploma, present both original and copy of the diploma to a local notary for notarization.


For all vital records, if you do not  have the originals, just let us know – we may be able to retrieve them on your behalf or we can point you into the direction to obtain one.


For commercial or business document we can also obtain  (Certification by the U.S Arab Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C) 


The whole process takes an estimated 3-6 weeks depending on the document type.



The 3 Step process of:

Secretary of State Certification, US Department of State Authentication & Embassy Legalization

is $330  for first document.
Each additional document(s) from same state is $275 each.


Complimentary UPS (2 day) delivery within the  U.S.
International shipping via DHL to Kuwait is $65

Kuwaiti Work Visa Service 

If you are planning on working in Kuwait and are in need of obtaining  your work visa stamped into your American Passport, we can help. We work closely with both Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington DC and the Kuwaiti Consulate in Los Angeles


What is needed for the Kuwaiti Work visa.

  1. A valid Passport with at least six (6) months prior to expiration .
  2. One completed current visa application form as issued by Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. One passport-size photo.
  4. HIV test (AIDS test).
  5. Health Certificate:  Obtained from the local doctor certifying that the patient is in good health and 
free from contagious diseases. Lab test results for the following: Hepatitis B & C, Malaria, Filariasis, Syphilis and Chest X-Ray for Tuberculosis
  6. Police Clearance of No Criminal Record obtained from the:  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and should be dated after the issuance date of the Work Permit.
  7. The work permit.



Kuwaiti Work Visa $295 with Complimentary UPS 2-3 day shipping. 

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